Royal Nubian Custom Skin Care Apothecary
Empowering Your Beauty!

Who We Are:
We are an energy based integrative skin care apothecary creating for you unique herbal and food based skin care products; giving you the results to empower your beauty. We provide private services, coaching, classes, workshops, and events promoting a spiritual lifestyle for a conscious state of beauty. We create personalized and customized skin care products for your unique skin conditions and personal needs.

Our Mission:
It is the mission of Royal Nubian to create skin care products whole and natural from the earth to elevate your beauty; and even more to protect and balance your skin cells and melanin production for enhanced beauty. The unique and customized formulas can give you the results of healthy smooth glowing skin!

Our Promise:
Royal Nubian shall always create products for you that are 100% concentrated with natural and organic food and herbal based ingredients. Your products shall always be free of chemical preservatives, fillers, possible carcinogens, and irritants; including sulfates and cocamidopropyl or lauryl betaines. You'll always receive a 100% guarantee on effectiveness and potency of your purchase.

Book Founder Madame El to Speak:
Would you like the founder of Royal Nubian, J Crystal Profit, to speak at your next beauty and wellness retreat, conference, workshop, or webinar event?

She gives very enlightening and insightful presentations and lectures on the health and beauty of your skin and hair. She shows intricately how it connects to your overall health and being. She gives hands on demos and information on various methods and modalities using powerful spiritual treatments.

Popular Speaking Topics:
  1. Sacred Skin Care 101
  2. Walk into a Room and Glow! (Training class)
  3. What's on your plate: How nutrition affects your skin.

To book Crystal to speak at your next event send an email or call (504) 373-0573.

The office is located at:
1011 S L St
Tacoma, WA 98405
(By Appointment Only)

Voicemail or Text
(504) 373-0573

Sponsorship Info:
Sponsorship is given to organizations whose membership consist of active Royal Nubian clients. We are a spiritual business focused on healing and empowerment. Please be mindful of your invitation to sponsor based on monetary purposes only. Become an active client and we will consider the invitation to sponsor your organization according to our current budget. Thank you for your interest.

Personal message:
I love the fact this business is being found by so many! I'd like to say to all marketing execs that find this business to please become a client first before requesting Royal Nubian to extend money to you. We need to know you respect this business and value what we bring in order to help your business. Universal law of Vibration: everything moves in a circular pattern. Become one with us and we shall become one with you!

Love Power!
Madame J. C. Profit El

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