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Music is the highest energy vibrations here on earth. It is the highest form of communication into the spiritual world. When one says, "music is universal", they are truly saying there is but one truth! Your body vibrates off these strong magnetic fields of energy. Songs with empowering messages can raise your energy vibrations; healing you, uplifting you, and transforming you!

I share with you these songs--Empowering Your Beauty:

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Angels Surround Me by Crystal Queen Jahnel and The Yisrael Trio Angels Surround Me

This song guides you verbally and melodically on the path of forgiveness and self love. It's time to rid yourself of judgment, fear, and criticism so you may embrace love, and the challenges of life with excitement and courage. Hear the words and sing the melody; allow your emotions to be made free. Download now or view for more info.

Our Price: $1.25
Congo Square: Listen by Crystal Queen Jahnel with The Yisrael Trio on Healing Music Therapy at Royal Nubian Custom Skin Care Apothecary Congo Square: Listen

Download this song for transformation and healing. Listen carefully to the words for each poetic line is a spiritual meaning to guide your soul. True spiritual embodiment of self worth gives birth to transformation allowing you to be free in becoming all you were created to be! Download now or view for more info.

Our Price: $1.25
Our current featured artist for spring and the resurrection is Marla B Spirit!

Self Love is everything! When you love self you love the source of your being. The source of Royal Nubian is spiritual matrimony. Matrimony is a covenant of family and nation blessed with love power. The sun doth shine, the moon is risen, the earth blossoms, the stars have come down, and you resurrect. Now we unite. Marry me.