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Campaign 100-Royal Nubian

Is it me you're searching for?

True story:
In a marketing group I was told no one cares about the health of their skin. No one cares how effective natural products are. I was told the average woman only cares about how cute something is, and not how it affects the environment or their health. I was further told my thoughts were above the norm, more like one in a million. Really?!

This is an untruth being preached. I know you are here with me too. So, I'm searching for you: the "above average", "one in a million" person who cares about their health and environment. Because I know you're looking for me to customize for you, according to your skin type, conditions, and health needs with concentrated natural and effective ingredients. I believe you are a Royal Nubian, as I am.

For every 100 new online orders in 2017, $100 will be donated to a non-profit that supports natural living. This is Campaign 100-Royal Nubian, and I'm searching for you!

All donations made will be posted here! We need to get close to the 100th person so create a new account and make a purchase to help reach the goal. #Campaign100-RoyalNubian