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We create spiritual energy based skin care through divine hand formulation and production. This is the ancient way to produce cosmic advanced skin care treatments giving you the blessed energy to regenerate your cells.

Customization is available to treat specific concerns.

The Secrets:

1. 100% concentrated ingredients are in each product

2. We use natural & organic ingredients infused with love & healing energy

3. Never do we add chemical preservatives, fillers, or carcinogens

We create professional & powerful spiritual formulas

You'll obtain superior professional & blessed results

We give you 100% guarantee on effectiveness (now who does that?)

7. We use BPA free packaging that are 100% recyclable.

We offer personal coaching, classes, & workshops

We are dedicated to helping build communities through cooperative economics.

Full disclosure of ingredients and instructions for use come with each purchase. We are always available to answer questions and respond comments. Please chat with us online (right bottom screen), by email, or by text (504) 373-0573.


ealth & beauty is in your skin!

Your skin is your first line of defense to protect your body. It is also your first line of communication into the heavens and here on earth. How are you feeding your skin? What you feed your body is likened to what you feed your soul. What you place on your skin will affect your energy surrounding you and within. Chat with us below to find your path of beauty.